lunes, abril 30, 2007

General Information

"Callejera Version" is a work of Contemporary Dance financed by Fondart 2006.

National bottom of the National Council of the Culture and the Arts, Chile.

The interest of this project is centered in the crossing of a dramatic text to a choreography.
Cradle in "Callejera" text of Sergio Valenzuela Valdés who gained the Aid of National Dramatic art 2005 and who directed Paulina Urrutia for It shows National in UC Theatre, in November of the 2005.

This version has been a constant dramaturgical elimination to be able to be finally with the bodies.. This methodology we have denominated it: TO ERASE. We erased the text, to drain it, to drain it of the personages, the scenes, the emotions, we even drained the space and we remained single with the ground (roofs).
This is a work that only tries the emptiness to find the body.
Four bodies, about four men in a roof, that deal with and that was what we had left:

"Four men on the brink of madness a space, of its body, its sort".

The interpreters are Felipe Beltrán, Felipe Vargas, Eyal Meyer and Orlando Alfaro. Actors and dancers who will take to us to different states and different places with the same landscape from bottom: the city.

The work staff conformed by several independent artists meets of intermittent way from October of the 2005.
The direction is in charge of "Callejera" author of Sergio Valenzuela.
This it is its first choreographic work after an intense work in Theatre and Dance as theatrical designer and this is his second project of great released spread after "747" in September of the last year, has worked in contemporary dance from the 2001, participating in important projects like "Emergencies" of Elizabeth Rodriguez, "Shared Territory" of Francisca Morand, "Container" and "P.A.F" of Claudia Vicuña. In August it released two videos dance that were exhibited by all the Library of Santiago: "the word body" and "the first word".
At the moment it comprises like interpreter of Anxious, Company of Dance that makes urban interventions and also “Catalogue “like interpreter and designer works in the next project of Francisca Morand.

Music is in charge of Esteban Anavitarte that has been dedicated to compose works of dance (P.A.F, Delok) and cinema. Three songs specially made for this work will be a contribution of the recognized Choreographer and Argentine Singer Carlos Cassella.
The general production, presses and diffusion this in charge of Antonio Gonzalez like Resorte Productions
The participation of Philosopher Pamela Caruncho stands out as Attending Theoretic and guides in the conceptual work. Also it is important the work of young Photographer Simon Pais and the Designer Andres Fasani.

Name: Callejera Versión.
Based on "Callejera" of Sergio Valenzuela.
Choreographic direction: Sergio Valenzuela Valdés.
Theoretical Attendance: Pamela Caruncho Franco.
Interpreters: Eyal Meyer, Orlando Alfaro, Felipe Beltrán y Felipe Vargas.
Musican: Esteban Anavitarte.
Voice & Songs: Carlos Casella
Costumes: Margarita Valdés.
Graphical design: Andrés Fasani
Photography: Simón Pais.
General Production: Antonio González.

Fondart 2006.

Goethe Institut, Santiago de Chile.
Biblioteca de Santiago
Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez.

Locaciones de presentaciones 2006/07

foto: Antonio González, 16. Nov 07.

Azotea Biblioteca de Santiago.
Matucana 151.
19 de Octubre (Estreno)
20, 21 y 22 de Octubre 2006.
15 y 16 de NOviembre 2006.

Foto: Antonio González, 27 oct 06.

Azotea Edificio Los Santos
San Antonio 630.
26, 27 y 28 de Octubre 2006.

foto: Claudia Machuca, 10 nov 06.

Azotea Edificio Tocornal
Tocornal 532
10 y 11 de Noviembre 2006.

foto: Antonio González, 16. ene 07.

Azotea Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez
Carmen 350
2, 3 y 4 de Noviembre 2006.
9, 10, 16 y 17 de Enero 2007.